Fashion Technology / Design

Fashion is what we wear, through a constant process of selection, adoption and change. It is triggered by people, events and social, economic and technological change. No wonder fashion and apparel designing have become one of the fastest growing professions in India in recent years. The world of cloths and accessories has expanded into a giant industry, both for domestic requirements and for export. Today, the fashion industry in India is a high growth sector with multi core turn over. There is an ever-growing demand for more designers who can come up with the innovative design that are commercially Viable in the export market. With fashion becoming a big business and India emerging as one of the major players in the global garment market, the need for qualified professionals in the field has increased tremendously. Considering the high need of professionalism in finding suitable posts in garment industry IFD had set up training and active placement cell. The cell send students as trainees to IFD apparels or leading garment industries of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu to provide them first hand industrial experience.

Course details

Course Name Qualification Course Duration
Degree in Costume Design & Fashion Technology (BSC-CD&FT) PlusTwo 3years
Master Degree in Costume Design & Fashion Technology (MSC-CD&FT) BSCCDF/AD Degree 2years
PG Diploma in Fashion Designing (PGDFD) Degree 1year
Advanced Diploma in Fashion Designing (ADFD) PlusTwo 1year
Advanced Diploma in Fashion Designing & Garment Technology (ADFD&GT) PlusTwo 2years
Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design (ADFD) PlusTwo 2years
Diploma in Fashion Technology, (BSS-DFT) SSLC 1year